Gennesaret Resources Ltd


About us

Gennesaret Resources Nigeria Limited (GRNL) is a company formed in the year 2006. It was formed by professionals well experienced in Oil Gas operations with a cumulative experience of over 20 years. Due to it’s desire to deliver quality service to it’s clients, Gennesaret Resources has met the requirements in ISO 9001:2015 standard. READ MORE

Our Services


Gennesaret Resources has carried out extensive fabrication works ranging from construction of new facilities to modification of existing facilities during upgrade.
We have successfully fabricated spools of different sizes using different welding processes both on singe welding process or multi welding process (combination).
Our team of experienced welders and fitters can execute any size of fabrication job in record time.


(A)   Vertical Cylindrical Storage Tanks
 –       Floor/Bottom plates Stability as per API 653 In-service evaluation by Vacuum box testing.
–       Tank Floor and first shell plates Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM) as per API 653
B) Horizonal/Underground Tanks
–       Leak test acoustic emission
–       Pneumatic test with nitrogen (pressure testing)
–       Calibration wet method

Gennesaret Resources specializes in material selection and cathodic protection to preserve buried or immersed metallic structures from natural and chemical corrosion processes.
Cathodic protection system protects a wide range of metallic structures in various environments. Common application are pipelines, steel storage tanks, offshore oil platforms, offshore wind farm foundations and reinforcement in buildings, onshore oil well casings..


We perform wide range of OCTG integrity checks aimed at identifying defects/damages on Drill Stems such as external corrosion, dented, mashed, or bent tubes. We have experienced and well trained workforce for successful executive of OCTG inspections in adherence to regulatory standards: API RP 7G, NS-2, DS-1 BHA and Drill Pipe inspections up to category 5.- Casting and Tubing Inspections-Drill Pipe Inspections- UT and UT shear wave weld inspections on pipes- BHA and Rotary tools inspections- Pipe yard storage and inventory management services..