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We have the right resource and partnership to help our clients save time, energy and resources in strategic sourcing from reliable and efficient partners. We have the expertise and experience to navigate barriers in procurement of material for our clients. We are able to offer a range of solutions to our clients from complex integrated project procurement to every day routine operational procurement. We produce all types of oil tools and equipment including pipes, flanges, valves, fittings, etc.
We are authorized original equipment manufacturer OEM representative of Dervos Valves.


Our NDT Inspection packages are conducted in line with pre-agreed standards as well as fully incorporating any client specific standards. Packages include any or all of the following in one mobilization:
Derrick/Mask Inspection
Loose Lifting Equipment
Padeyes, beams and other fixed lifting items
Baskets, skips, gas racks, lifting frames (CCU’s)
Drilling handling tools
Cranes and Forklifts
Ultrasonic thickness gauging on high pressure vessels and tanks
Rope access.


We perform wide range of OCTG integrity checks aimed at identifying defects/damages on Drill Stems such as external corrosion, dented, mashed, or bent tubes. We have experienced and well trained workforce for successful executive of OCTG inspections in adherence to regulatory standards: API RP 7G, NS-2, DS-1 BHA and Drill Pipe inspections up to category 5.- Casting and Tubing Inspections-Drill Pipe Inspections- UT and UT shear wave weld inspections on pipes- BHA and Rotary tools inspections- Pipe yard storage and inventory management services.


Gennesaret Resources carry out inspection of production/ process facilities in order to assess the integrity of the equipment, diagnose their current status, certify the vessels in accordance to relevant API standards and DPR requirements and estimate their remaining life under secure operations.
Inspection of Pressure vessels (Boilers, reactors, heat exchangers, etc) as per API 510, API RP 572, API RP 576 Inspection of tanks as per API 653

We provide comprehensive tank testing programs adhering to API-653 in service and out of service inspections guidelines, and our customized non-intrusive tank inspection program that allows owners to determine the relative condition of their storage tanks without entering the asset.

(A)   Vertical Cylindrical Storage Tanks
–       Floor/Bottom plates Stability as per API 653 In-service evaluation by Vacuum box testing.
–       Tank Floor and first shell plates Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM) as per API 653
–       Tank volume calibration as per API MPMS2.2A (EODR Method)
–       Tank stability – Verticality and roundness rechecks in accordance to API 653/650
–       Physical survey of the inter tank evaluation as per 653
–       Pressure testing (PNEUMATICS)
B) Horizonal/Underground Tanks
–       Leak test acoustic emission
–       Pneumatic test with nitrogen (pressure testing)
–       Calibration wet method
 C) In-Service Piping Inspection as per API 570


Gennesaret Resources has carried out extensive fabrication works ranging from construction of new facilities to modification of existing facilities during upgrade. We have successfully fabricated spools of different sizes using different welding processes both on singe welding process or multi welding process (combination). Our team of experienced welders and fitters can execute any size of fabrication job in record time.

Fabricated metal spools are installed in new facility for cases of new construction works or installed in-lines that have been demolished. Every installed metal spool are also tested in cases where welding is done or mechanically filled in cases of flange joining.
Completed fabricated and installed lines are commissioned after been pressure tested or hydro tested and purged of all trapped air and water. Complied lines are coated where possible or wrapped in cases of insulted lines. Gennesaret Resources have the workforce to fabricate, install and commission onshore/offshore platforms and structures. Our fabrication, installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning covers small, medium and large diameter pipelnes and process pipings.


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Over the years, carrying out construction, fabrication and inspection services in our various work sites requires using save means of work execution with the use of properly inspected scaffolds by our competent scaffold inspectors.

Our team competent personnel of managers, safety officer, scaffold inspections, scaffold craftsmen and craftsmen mates are available to erect safe working platform for the various work activities of work at height of more than 1.8m above ground level.
Some of the equipments for safe scaffold erections include:
– Galvanized pipes of various sizes
– Clamps, boards, rachets and spanners
– Personal Protective equipment (PPEs)
– Harnest belts etc.